Our Rescue Partners

We work with rescue organizations in the US and Japan to find forever homes for homeless pups. Scroll down to learn more about our partners and how you can help, near and far.

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About Hearts & Bones

Who They Are

Hearts & Bones Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to ending the needless euthanasia of shelter dogs through direct lifesaving, shared learning, and community building. It is the realization of our shared dream to bring people together across the country to save the lives of dogs in need and unite loving forever families. With dual bases in New York City, NY and Dallas, TX, our incredible network of rescue partners, fosters, volunteers, and a small but mighty staff work together to save dogs in the areas where shelters are under the greatest stress, and unite them with loving adopters ready to give them the lives they deserve.

At our rescue base in Dallas, TX, our team works directly with shelters at the forefront of the stray and unwanted dog crisis, in areas where euthanasia rates are among the highest in the country. With bi-weekly transports of 30-50 dogs to their adoption hub in New York City, where all dogs are met by their loving foster parents and stay with them until they’re adopted. We believe animal transport programs are an essential part of making the USA a no-kill country. Every dog we pull from a shelter in Texas and bring to a place like NYC reduces pressure on an incredibly overburdened southern shelter system and makes room for them to save another life.

As a foster-based rescue, we focus on providing all of our dogs with secure and caring environments while they search for their adopters. At Hearts & Bones, all of our dogs are 100% certified pre-loved.

Since its founding in 2017, Hearts & Bones has saved the lives of over 5,000 dogs thanks to the efforts of dedicated foster families and dedicated volunteers.

How You Can Help

You can volunteer, donate, foster pups and adopt from them, or simply share their available pups for adoption through your social media ! Please visit their website here.

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About HEART Tokushima

Who They Are

HEART Tokushima is a registered NPO no-kill animal shelter, located in Tokushima, Japan.

Susan Mercer moved from Canada about 20 years ago, and was working as an English teacher when one day she found a box containing stray kittens outside of a convenience store. She decided to take them home with her, because there were no animal shelters in the area that were no-kill, and at the city pound 90% of the stray animals were euthanized.

Susan founded HEART in 2006, and has saved over 2000 lives in the last 15 years.  HEART has since grown to offer spay/neuter services to help control the stray population, as well as rehabilitate and socialize the animals they rescue in their Training Center. 

Whenever we go back to Japan we always volunteer at animal shelters, and we have been learning more about the pet industry as well as the overall lack of animal welfare and how dogs and cats in shelters are usually overlooked there.

Susan’s story personally moved us, especially when we thought about how hard it must have been to establish a no-kill shelter which was completely outside the norm, while dealing with Japan’s complicated rules and regulations in a foreign language and culture.  It is so inspiring because she did it all just to stand up for the animals that would otherwise been killed at the pound, and even though she never planned to open a shelter, her choice to save those kittens led directly to the rescue of over 2000 lives.

How You Can Help

Please visit their website, follow them on instagram @hearttokushima, and donate through PayPal if you can!